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In Nairobi like any other town, most dwellers tend to live in rentals but they is a steady growth in the new generation who prefer to own permanent residences. Its a type of ownership where quite a great number tend to buy land and do their own construction as it is deemed cheap and affordable, for this M-jenzi is here to connect you with credible suppliers and builders. 

The type of land, the material specification, the design of the house together with the size of the house you seek to build will hinder your choice of location , so where should one plan to set up and build their home in Nairobi?

Karen, Muthaiga, Runda and Rosslyn.

This are high end areas, where security is top level, the serenity and ambience is superb with very well maintained and highly accesible roads, the homes are palatiall not forgetting that this are zones with tight regulations so if you dream of settling in such area, themn dont shy from this list. it is where you ideal home lies. 

One good thing with this areas is that the rents are high, a high of about ksh.300,000, in that whenever you decide to relocate of have to move your property will still fetch quite a good rent and thats a good income considering the economical struggles.

If you are seeking for a blue zoned area to live in Nairobi, then you must be in to spend , the price for land and construction in this areas might be a bit pricy.

Kilimani. Westlands, Ridgeways and Lavington.

This neighrboods border the high end zones, meaning settling in this areas or building a home here, would mean peaceful and quite sorrounding, quite a nice attractive view and the roads are also well maintained. If your salary is a five figure, then you can scoop yourself a home in this areas under a working budget.

This zonings also have tight regulations, although a bit rekaxed as compared to the very high end zones of nairobi, security is also pereect in this zones and most of them taly being commercial centers so social ammenities and sociasl group is quite widened an ideal place to settle a family in. 

Imara daima, Dagoretti, Donholm,Ruaka and Dagoretti.

For those seeking for jobs in this big city, but want to avoid high rents and heavy mortgage cut on their slips, this are the areas to build a house on. One thing the price is affordable for starters. This areas are marked with upcoming apartments, and the population a bit large but in remote parts of this zones one can manage a small compound and playground depending on how you work around your construction budget.