84% of Kenyans are actively using digital devices and online services to perform their daily business activities.

Ecommerce has become an integral day to day income or product/service providing activity for 84% of Kenyans. Whether buying or selling, online stores allow merchants to sell and buyers to purchase from wherever they are, be it from their offices, from the comfort of their homes on their laptops or on their mobile devices without having to deal with pressure of physically visiting the store or the client.

Online marketplaces are the platforms that provide the online market venue that hosts several merchants selling several different types of products. This is a new and more convenient venue for exchanging virtually all types of goods and services.

The marketplace reduces costs that the individual businesses website would normally incur in hosting, management, sales, marketing and security expenses. All these activities are catered for by the marketplace website. Infact a business does not need a website if they are going to post their products or services on a marketplace platform.

Examples of marketplace platforms; Amazon, · eBay, · Walmart, · Etsy, · Alibaba.com​, and · Google Express.

Advantages of Buying / Selling Online

There are a lot of benefits gained from buying and selling online. These include the following:

  • Convenience: It is very convenient to shop from where you are located.
  • Cost savings: With ever-increasing gas prices, shopping online saves you the cost of driving to stores, as well as parking fees. You will also save time by avoiding standing in line, particularly around the holidays, when stores are busy and packed with customers.
  • Variety: The Internet provides sellers with unlimited shelf space, so they are more likely to offer a wider variety of products than they would in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • No pressure: No salesperson is hovering around and pressuring you to purchase in a virtual or online store.
  • Easy comparison: Shopping online eliminates the need to wander from store to store comparing prices.

The Bottom Line

While buying and selling online is very convenient and rewarding, you must always protect yourself from outside risks. Scammers especially are everywhere waiting to pounce on unwitting online buyers. If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. Thus, if you don’t feel 100% secure on a particular site, leave it, and find a site that provides you with secure transaction processes.

Also, ensure that your computer is well protected and possesses all malware and spyware protection software before you begin any transaction that involves you providing sensitive information. Many scams on the Internet can negatively affect your credit score and cost you money, so be proactive in your research to get the most security out of shopping online.

M-jenzi.com features strong, secure payment platforms that have routinely withstood security challenges, that, in their absence would ordinarily compromise the safety of buyers confidential information, money and detailed purchasing trends. It is therefore important to state that M-jenzi.com has ensured that all factors pertaining to secure transaction processes and safety of individuals’ data is well protected. This is solely to provide insurance and peace of mind to the multitude of the platforms users.

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