Building Materials Online?

Getting ready to build? You need timber? Get it from Kikomba, Tiles? From Industrial area or Eastleigh. Furniture? Mombasa road. Steel & Cement? Athi River or any hardware store. Sand? Athi River, Mai Mahiu. Stone-Ndarugo? Thika, Mai Mahiu. Mabati….and the list of items and their logistical locations only gets better. Electronic home appliances, curtains, carpets etc…the list is endless…

This would make for a great road trip, but, it’s a time consuming, tiresome and expensive chore. It could get even more expensive if you delegate this task to a broker.

Issues of quality will be tabled, quantities, transport costs et al will be discussion points at some point in time during the purchases of these items. It takes a little getting used to and this is the main reason why many people prefer to outsource this task to contractors and brokers.

However, all this is now quite easily done. No brokers, no contractors needed. All you need is perhaps a Bill of Quantities from the contractor or Quantity Surveyor, your computer and steady internet connectivity and “voila” get all your products in less than an hour. It would also help to know where to look otherwise you will be inundated with thousands if not millions of suppliers and their products. does not supply construction materials nor furniture supplies. hosts the many vendors/suppliers of these materials and products. This makes the GOTO online platform when looking for the best suppliers of construction and home improvement products and services to make your online shopping on a wonderful, time worthy and value for money experience.

Visit and tell us which products and vendors you would like to see on the platform.

Happy shopping.