The biggest difference between modern and traditional architecture is always about the space, modern architecture tends to minimize the space while traditional architecture has all the space that it comes with, but here are a few comparisons between the two forms of architecture:


The first thing that strikes out in a traditional architecture kitchen layout is generally a well-spaced and huge kitchenette. everything traditional is large, the cabinets the working area, the drawers and is probably made from heavy wood or from very unique-looking pieces. Modern kitchens come with ample creative storage, and the facilities are technologically advanced to make cooking easier thus the little space or fewer spaces. Features like in-built spaces for storing cutlery, excess utensils, and crookery in an organized manner are major features too of modern architecture.

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Modern architecture utilizes spaces by making use of multipurpose rooms. Its easier to bring utility into small spaces and this is what most modern architecture is trying to embrace as opposed to traditional that comes with all the space to add in any equipment one might need in their homes.

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If we talk of traditional architecture we talk of different hues of heavy brown furniture the so-called vintage. but modern furniture is of materialistic functions just as it may look. the most interesting part is that most traditional furniture is of heavy value and is in scarcity reason of its high price but in modern furniture, the prices vary according to its functionality. Both of them are of good aesthetic just that in modern architecture the main point of attention is the functions of the furniture itself.


Traditionally designed windows are symmetrically placed and smaller in size compared to modern designed windows which take full advantage of the room. Traditional windows are classified as facade windows, with make-up for natural light but full of fine details like hand carving, woodworking, staini9ng of glasses, and antique interiors. development of technology has paved the way for stronger glasses to be made thus the common trends of large clear windows and with different window designs as per requirements.


These two types of architecture differ big time in material use, traditionally constructions and buildings were composed of things like, brick, wood, plasters, or stones but modern ways are made up of concrete, plastics, and even reinforced steel.