The mere thought of sourcing for construction materials, house furniture, fittings etc.. Is quite a daunting task. Going from place to place, browsing for quality, comparing prices, negotiating and finally getting to purchase what you want can take roughly a month or more assuming that you get the items and the quality you need in the financial budget you have.

Other than being a painstakingly laborious task, the next noteworthy issue is safety of your purchases in transit and in storage. For consumable and sensitive items such as cement and sand, great care needs to be taken so that your cement does not get into contact with water as it will ultimately harden and thus destroy your cement, while wet sand will create the impression that you have the right weight quantities.

Storage of cement is equally important for the same water hazard threat. Ensure that your cement is stored above the floor, either on wooden pallets or crates but not on the bare floor. This will ensure that your precious cement does not turn to stone overnight.

Engaging certified transporters for your materials and furniture is important too. This ensures that your products are transported with maximum care, in a timely fashion with guarantees to receive your products and warranties for compensation should the need arise.

Whenever you go out to procure building materials or furniture, enquire from the supplier about their transport policy/s to establish how secure your purchases will be when you get them.

Send us your experience in shopping for building materials and how long it took you to complete purchases and receive them?