Multi-Vendors, the NEW BUSINESS

If you are in business today and don’t have a website presence, chances are that you are missing out on some very potential but unseen customer prospects.

The average cost of a simple yet effective website ranges between Kes. 15,000/- to 20,000/- depending on what features you want. The rewards however far outweigh the costs, that is assuming that your web presence does well in the market. Other than website development costs, there are other factors to consider to ensure that your website gains visibility and generates the leads that will engage your visitors to purchase your products or services. This is where it gets tricky. Providing content, channeling this content to a targeted audience, following up, and engaging leads can be quite a daunting task. Not to mention that it needs to be done frequently which most often than not warrants one to engage a social media/email marketing service provider/s.

This stage, however, can be bypassed. Website development, branding, content creation, client targeting, social media and email marketing, etc. can all be undertaken by a multi-vendor (Marketplace) platform. These types of websites host and market a huge number of vendors or merchants on their websites. This allows the vendors’ presence to be visible to the multitude of visitors and also to focus more on their products and services and not the hands-on online marketing. It is also cheaper and more efficient to maintain and provides a higher potential ROI. A few examples of Multi-Vendor websites are, eBay,, and closer to home,

Advantages for Vendors

Imagine a huge mall that only houses stores that only deal with construction materials, furniture, alternative energy products and solutions, kitchen and bathroom fittings and accessories, floor & roof solutions, security gadgets, paints, doors, locks, plumbing,…everything that a home may need. Then think of how many potential visitors this mall would have on any given day? Impressively MANY. Yes?

Well, is such a mall only this time, it is a virtual mall, a Multi-Vendor online platform which can host thousands of vendors and as such attract millions of visitors. So, if your business is keen to be seen, then is your goto platform.

Diasporas Plight

Diasporas have received the blunt end of the spear, so to speak, when it comes to funding their various building or house upgrade projects back home. Many times the funds do not get to the intended function/s. Projects either get stalled or do not take off at all. This has killed the dreams of many Kenyans out there who would like to come back to a home they could call their own. has provided a full proof solution to this unfortunate scenario. Kenyans in the diaspora can now search, shop and pay for the materials and home improvement products that they require in REALTIME without having to use brokers, relatives or friends. Whatever the time difference, diasporas can now request for quotations and make their orders and only interact with people back home when it’s time to provide details of when and where to collect the products.

Why Shop at

Your housing project is very important to you and rightly so. is here to provide you with a one-stop-shop solution where you can find all the supplies & services you need for your project. We have a wide variety of building and home improvement/décor suppliers to choose from right here. Enjoy stress-free shopping, easy instalment payments and direct access to vendors and experts.