Where to build your home in Nairobi?

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In Nairobi like any other town, most dwellers tend to live in rentals but they is a steady growth in the new generation who prefer to own permanent residences. Its a type of ownership where quite a great number tend to buy land and do their own construction as it is deemed cheap and affordable, for this M-jenzi is here to connect you with credible suppliers and builders. 

The type of land, the material specification, the design of the house together with the size of the house you seek to build will hinder your choice of location , so where should one plan to set up and build their home in Nairobi?

Karen, Muthaiga, Runda and Rosslyn.

This are high end areas, where security is top level, the serenity and ambience is superb with very well maintained and highly accesible roads, the homes are palatiall not forgetting that this are zones with tight regulations so if you dream of settling in such area, themn dont shy from this list. it is where you ideal home lies. 

One good thing with this areas is that the rents are high, a high of about ksh.300,000, in that whenever you decide to relocate of have to move your property will still fetch quite a good rent and thats a good income considering the economical struggles.

If you are seeking for a blue zoned area to live in Nairobi, then you must be in to spend , the price for land and construction in this areas might be a bit pricy.

Kilimani. Westlands, Ridgeways and Lavington.

This neighrboods border the high end zones, meaning settling in this areas or building a home here, would mean peaceful and quite sorrounding, quite a nice attractive view and the roads are also well maintained. If your salary is a five figure, then you can scoop yourself a home in this areas under a working budget.

This zonings also have tight regulations, although a bit rekaxed as compared to the very high end zones of nairobi, security is also pereect in this zones and most of them taly being commercial centers so social ammenities and sociasl group is quite widened an ideal place to settle a family in. 

Imara daima, Dagoretti, Donholm,Ruaka and Dagoretti.

For those seeking for jobs in this big city, but want to avoid high rents and heavy mortgage cut on their slips, this are the areas to build a house on. One thing the price is affordable for starters. This areas are marked with upcoming apartments, and the population a bit large but in remote parts of this zones one can manage a small compound and playground depending on how you work around your construction budget.

Types of Mansionettes and How Long it Takes To Build Each

Do you want to build your dream house without experiencing all the hustle and bustle of the construction process? You need not to worry as…

Unlike a normal house a maisonette in often cases has separate doors to the outside within the same building and is always flat with one or two floors.

If you are looking forward to moving in quickly without the hustle and bustle of the construction process, M-jenzi is here for you, they offer the construction and supply of maisonette building materials.

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In a well-planned and well-executed building process, a maisonette may take from seven months to two years. However, the size per square meter and the number of floors, professionals, together with other financial factors might affect the building duration. Here is a list of different types of maisonette and their building duration.

1. Neoclassical

A property investor who is willing to put in all the resources needed for the construction of a neoclassical maisonette might go up to one year if it’s a storey of two or one floor. One can not immediately move into a newly constructed house as the building will still be holding a lot of moisture. For this, a neo-classical needs up to 12 months duration after the construction is done to fully dry out, since concrete bricks and mortar absorbs a lot of moisture during the construction process. Meaning an average of two years to count it as a ready to move -in-home.

2. Cape cod

From preparing the lot and laying the foundation, to the framing of the house and building a cape cod maisonette can go up to five years. When we think of a cape cod maisonette we think of a big and usually sophisticated design, and this usually amounts to the total duration it takes to fully bring out one in its full nature.

3. American style

Its difference comes in the functionality of its different rooms. Every partitioning in this style of maisonette has a meaning and a purpose, it pays keen attention to detail. This type of mansionette usually takes a long period of time to be fully constructed depending on the owner’s intention for the property. It can have a whole set of renovations once it’s done thus for an American style of maisonette no specific duration can be really quoted to take for the building process.

4. Italianate and colonial

Their uniqueness is the ballrooms and lounges, and an Italian maisonette can have up to three kitchens. All factors on hold, it can take up to 15 months to build and construct one of these two types of mansionette as they date back to the building that was present before independence thus the architecture is not far from being familiar with them.

Generally one needs to plan for the preconstruction period where you pull the permits, finalize the architecture as well as put your finances together then you can lay the foundation, then frame the house.

The roofing follows then sliding, plumbing, and wiring are finalized. The finish work, where painting and clearance are later done after the building is well dried. After this, the property owner does an inspection to check if everything came out right, in case of anything one should plan for a makeover.

How to Go From Renting to Owning a Home

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Purchasing land and building, getting into an off-plan property, or buying a whole complete furnished house:- there are many ways of owning a home.

Based on your income, lifestyle and savings, the longer you plan to stay in a home the more financial sense it makes to own one. Home location is highly influential whenever you are planning t buy or even rent but still owning a home is big investments which tallies down to minimization of your tax deductions.

There is quite a few considerations that one should think of when planning to jump into home ownership as it is not simpler and requires a lot of responsibility as renting is.

Budget for it.

Save for a down payment, closing cost, insurance, property taxes, relocation charges, earnest money, utility deposits and even emergency expenses one needs to save for it all but always save intelligently as it is always less expensive in the long run.

All the getting into home ownership becomes familiar when you create a budget to cover your monthly expenses and debt payment, it might sound hectic but if you consider it as a life investment you’ll start reaping off its benefits sooner than you might think.

Credit and debt should be in order. 

Your credit score can influence which type of house you can own, a flat, a mansion a bungalow or just a plain apartment. It influences your ability to secure a loan same time your mortgage score.

In case you have impending debts it is advisable to pay them off first in order to smooth things off for your lenders and incase you have some negatives that you can’t clear off right away then accompany it with a statement of how and why to help the human figure reviewing your score to understand it better.

Learn about the whole process.

You will get to be a smart shopper, knowing about the prices, location and even the neighborhood. Look for a reliable agent, check their existing developments. What you can afford is also a big question to think about before you jump out of your rental.

Is it a complete furnished house purchased in cash or in agreement, are you going to buy land and construct it all also matters.

If you can’t totally afford it, needs flexibility or your credit score isn’t good enough, this are straightforward reasons to stay as a renter but in case you can beat the odds, then you can come home to a dream, M-jenzi.com has plenty to offer in terms of home ownership from constructions to buying a home.

How safe is your new home?

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It must click at a point before payment be it home ownership or just a rental, what of your security? It is the foundation f a smart home, access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance and identity management. The world is fast moving where safeguarding your home information is key, who has access to your whereabouts is also crucial, with this learning how to monitor and control your home and business premises is a step towards tightening security around your premises and residentials.

Be smart, be in control…
Being safe in your home is more than just feeling secure in it, it is the surety of safety even while you are away from the property. Getting an intrusion alarm detection enables you as the home owner to go about your duties knowing you don’t have to worry about your loved one’s back in the premises coming across unwanted intruders or incident such as fire at whatever time of the day.

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A smart surveillance system is a whole package of intelligent movement detectors, over voltage protection that ensures your electronic devices are well protected, lights on a on-and-off click from the premises or away from the premises, door entry monitoring system and even a customized presence simulation to wave off visitors from accessing every gadget in your house.

Look for a reliable automatic gate, where privacy is of concern it prevents people from walking into and out of your yard same time keep off cars from your driveway. Automatic gates are one way of improving security in your new home, your home possessions will be more secure if you put an automatic barrier to pedestrian and cars. It’s one way of reducing your insurance premiums being that many insurance companies are informed on the benefits of an automatic gate.

This gates comes with a tight security system, coming late from from work you just get to open the gate from the safety of your car, your young one’s don’t get to wander on the road playing games around the traffic if you residing close to a busy road and even your pets don’t get easily hurt or knocked down.

Knobs are the most common type of door locks, a door lock system is a necessary component in protecting your home without one, the entries to your house and gates are exposed to damage and robbery. One should always check if the locks have a smooth infrangible and functioning design before purchase, security ties and the optimum security mechanism should also be an underlying fact.

Deciding on a latch can be difficult depending on the different bolts and brands available, this should however not drive you into picking on whatever everyone is using, or what is affordable go ahead and break a leg as far as security s concerned, but consider what can work for you and the security system around your place of residence.

As a home owners you should also bear in mind the thought of right and left handedness when choosing door locks, with also their ability to be operated from the the inside or outside or even both.

https://m-jenzi.com/blog/ is here to assist with this article, click on the link to view a list a different brands and products that can tightening, offer full installation and manage security in your new homes.

M-jenzi: Your Online Home Projects and Construction Supplier at a Click

https://m-jenzi.com/ is an online platform where Kenyans countrywide and in the diaspora can trade with…

Mjenzi a Swahili word for builder, is an online home- expo where Kenyans countrywide and in the diaspora can trade with suppliers, manufacturers, and home improvement, construction, and materials providers 24 hours a day.

Apart from just buying home constructions and improvement materials, vendors of home products can also merchandise their products on the website and these two players are able to trade countrywide and abroad.

Online shopping comes with great comfort to customers, what you order is what you get delivered to your location of preference, and you don’t have to walk into a brick and mortar store to do a purchase.

Mjenzi offers road channels, inverted drainage blocks, concrete wall louvers, concrete road curbs, and a lot more construction products. One can buy in installments construction materials be it drawer runners, hinges, power cables, storage, tiles, scaffolding, movers, transport, electric gates, timber, wooden doors, and all home supplies.

Variety is key when it comes to a customer’s decision-making, and mjenzi offers a wide range of vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers to choose from.

How to Make The Most Out of Your Space

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Some homeowners have a natural eye for design, but others camp on interior designers or rely on instincts and advice from vendors whenever they decide to do it alone.The ideal thing to do is get to know how to fashion a space layout, hang new wall art and where your house interiors fit best.

It’s overwhelming to go from a small apartment to a larger home, thinking of what to purchase for each of the rooms, and what’s needed for the bigger living room together with the purpose of each room. There are a few tricks you can use to furnish, fill and decorate your spaces.

Shop for decorative pieces and accessories.

Good quality decorative home decors, give a home or office a nice cozy feeling enabling one to feel inspired, excited, or relaxed.Not only is the interior space essential but also the backyard and the front yard of your property, the pool, landscape, or any other outdoor spaces also need decorations.

It starts from finding unique kitchen items, let’s say a cool kitchen gadget, perhaps a nice coffee mug that gets your day started on the right foot; getting vases since they are the ultimate functional decor objects, accent for bedroom walls, all the way to organizing and decorating space layout.Fabulous antiques and unique arts only get better with age.

Even rentals can get an upgrade

Whenever you are in doubt, of doors that are uninspiring and ugly, ceilings that don’t look up to the beauty and lines of a space, or paint that underestimates its powers; you can always liven it up to make the most out of it all.

A paint and tape art makeover, a fresh coat of paint in vibrant color, elegant light controls, mundane spaces filled with wallpapers, murals to add more life, popping your sketches of abstract art into frames for the walls and many more hacks can truly transform a bare rental into a nice cozy home.

Think of an interior designer

Commercial and residential spaces need specialized interior designers, one who aims to meet the core purpose of the property by giving attention to details, having limitless resources, and being versatile.

Making decisions in regards to your home may be overwhelming but also getting a well-designed home interior is never difficult if you really look at it well. If it’s your first time hiring an interior designer check their records, at least three years of experience and active involvement in the renovations might be a good start.

In the hunt for a designer, property owners should also check on their budget and if the style of the designer really matches theirs.

Try it out to feel the designer’s personality, aesthetics, and working styles for proper evaluation, and also the time frame of their delivery it’s reasonable enough and can work for you.

Improved spaces embrace every part of the building process, evokes happiness, and soothe the soul.

It might seem difficult at first to decorate a compact home but with good inspiration, these limitations might just turn out into a good source, click on https://m-jenzi.com/blog/  right now and check out what might just be lacking for that space.

The New Normal

84% of Kenyans are actively using digital devices and online services to perform their daily business activities.

Ecommerce has become an integral day to day income or product/service providing activity for 84% of Kenyans. Whether buying or selling, online stores allow merchants to sell and buyers to purchase from wherever they are, be it from their offices, from the comfort of their homes on their laptops or on their mobile devices without having to deal with pressure of physically visiting the store or the client.

Online marketplaces are the platforms that provide the online market venue that hosts several merchants selling several different types of products. This is a new and more convenient venue for exchanging virtually all types of goods and services.

The marketplace reduces costs that the individual businesses website would normally incur in hosting, management, sales, marketing and security expenses. All these activities are catered for by the marketplace website. Infact a business does not need a website if they are going to post their products or services on a marketplace platform.

Examples of marketplace platforms; Amazon, · eBay, · Walmart, · Etsy, · Alibaba.com​, and · Google Express.

Advantages of Buying / Selling Online

There are a lot of benefits gained from buying and selling online. These include the following:

  • Convenience: It is very convenient to shop from where you are located.
  • Cost savings: With ever-increasing gas prices, shopping online saves you the cost of driving to stores, as well as parking fees. You will also save time by avoiding standing in line, particularly around the holidays, when stores are busy and packed with customers.
  • Variety: The Internet provides sellers with unlimited shelf space, so they are more likely to offer a wider variety of products than they would in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • No pressure: No salesperson is hovering around and pressuring you to purchase in a virtual or online store.
  • Easy comparison: Shopping online eliminates the need to wander from store to store comparing prices.

The Bottom Line

While buying and selling online is very convenient and rewarding, you must always protect yourself from outside risks. Scammers especially are everywhere waiting to pounce on unwitting online buyers. If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. Thus, if you don’t feel 100% secure on a particular site, leave it, and find a site that provides you with secure transaction processes.

Also, ensure that your computer is well protected and possesses all malware and spyware protection software before you begin any transaction that involves you providing sensitive information. Many scams on the Internet can negatively affect your credit score and cost you money, so be proactive in your research to get the most security out of shopping online.

M-jenzi.com features strong, secure payment platforms that have routinely withstood security challenges, that, in their absence would ordinarily compromise the safety of buyers confidential information, money and detailed purchasing trends. It is therefore important to state that M-jenzi.com has ensured that all factors pertaining to secure transaction processes and safety of individuals’ data is well protected. This is solely to provide insurance and peace of mind to the multitude of the platforms users.

Building Materials Online?

Getting ready to build? You need timber? Get it from Kikomba, Tiles? From Industrial area or Eastleigh. Furniture? Mombasa road. Steel & Cement? Athi River or any hardware store. Sand? Athi River, Mai Mahiu. Stone-Ndarugo? Thika, Mai Mahiu. Mabati….and the list of items and their logistical locations only gets better. Electronic home appliances, curtains, carpets etc…the list is endless…

This would make for a great road trip, but, it’s a time consuming, tiresome and expensive chore. It could get even more expensive if you delegate this task to a broker.

Issues of quality will be tabled, quantities, transport costs et al will be discussion points at some point in time during the purchases of these items. It takes a little getting used to and this is the main reason why many people prefer to outsource this task to contractors and brokers.

However, all this is now quite easily done. No brokers, no contractors needed. All you need is perhaps a Bill of Quantities from the contractor or Quantity Surveyor, your computer and steady internet connectivity and “voila” get all your products in less than an hour. It would also help to know where to look otherwise you will be inundated with thousands if not millions of suppliers and their products.

M-jenzi.com does not supply construction materials nor furniture supplies. M-jenzi.com hosts the many vendors/suppliers of these materials and products. This makes M-jenzi.com the GOTO online platform when looking for the best suppliers of construction and home improvement products and services to make your online shopping on M-jenzi.com a wonderful, time worthy and value for money experience.

Visit www.m-jenzi.com and tell us https://m-jenzi.com/1653024807669/contact/ which products and vendors you would like to see on the platform.

Happy shopping.

Multi-Vendors, the NEW BUSINESS

If you are in business today and don’t have a website presence, chances are that you are missing out on some very potential but unseen customer prospects.

The average cost of a simple yet effective website ranges between Kes. 15,000/- to 20,000/- depending on what features you want. The rewards however far outweigh the costs, that is assuming that your web presence does well in the market. Other than website development costs, there are other factors to consider to ensure that your website gains visibility and generates the leads that will engage your visitors to purchase your products or services. This is where it gets tricky. Providing content, channeling this content to a targeted audience, following up, and engaging leads can be quite a daunting task. Not to mention that it needs to be done frequently which most often than not warrants one to engage a social media/email marketing service provider/s.

This stage, however, can be bypassed. Website development, branding, content creation, client targeting, social media and email marketing, etc. can all be undertaken by a multi-vendor (Marketplace) platform. These types of websites host and market a huge number of vendors or merchants on their websites. This allows the vendors’ presence to be visible to the multitude of visitors and also to focus more on their products and services and not the hands-on online marketing. It is also cheaper and more efficient to maintain and provides a higher potential ROI. A few examples of Multi-Vendor websites are Amazon.com, eBay, Alibaba.com, and closer to home, M-jenzi.com

Advantages for Vendors

Imagine a huge mall that only houses stores that only deal with construction materials, furniture, alternative energy products and solutions, kitchen and bathroom fittings and accessories, floor & roof solutions, security gadgets, paints, doors, locks, plumbing,…everything that a home may need. Then think of how many potential visitors this mall would have on any given day? Impressively MANY. Yes?

Well, M-jenzi.com is such a mall only this time, it is a virtual mall, a Multi-Vendor online platform which can host thousands of vendors and as such attract millions of visitors. So, if your business is keen to be seen, then M-Jenzi.com is your goto platform.