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Whether you are tearing down moving a wall or constructing a new one, it pays to hire architecture as they help much in erasing doubts and making solutions. All building constructions need someone who oversees, plans, and designs the whole process. Architects and fundis strategically function along this line just that an architect is well trained and has better know-how as compared to a fundi who is also trained and knows well but their expertise is mainly based on experiences and time he’s worked with buildings and construction.

Working with fundis is a little bit tricky, they often mix a little in their schedule as long as they are given upfront. At a point, your fundi who may have assured you of completing his assignment might find an engagement somewhere, as they usually refer to it as “Kazi kidogo” back burning your work, this is their strategic way of scooping deals and is the most common in the Kenyan property market. Getting into an agreement with them is another headache, most have basic education and technical training skills, good in their work but not good with financial and legal terms hence you might end up losing a lot if you go all the way to involve documentation agreement with a fundi.

Many fundis go for verbal agreement as long as there is upfront but for architects, the contracts are always drafted to a written agreement and then later on signed with a clear payment method.
Even though there are a dozen tales of Kenyas frustrated by funds, finding an authorized platform or a registered organization that deals with fundis on hire or contract can always save you the cost of hiring a professional architect for he is legally bounded by an agreement form and cannot underperform or do hide and seek games during the construction period also another well-known trait of the local fundis.

Architects are well trained in the art and science of building and construction and are actual professionals. Even though the question of between a fundi and an architect who is better than who still raises eyebrows, at the end of the day all of them can deliver. Everything an architect design is usually safe, meet the needs of the consumer, and is usually functional. Depending on the type of firm work an architect may be involved in all phases of a construction project. Hiring an architect is adding more ideas to your project.

It is in big projects such as large renovations, or tackling a home construction from the ground is where one is recommended to look for a trained architect who knows what they are doing and can’t bail out when serious issues arise and can also respond to them well. Architects have skills in project management, engineering, and design theory, and they are whole you need to bring your ideas to life.

If you want to go for either of the two here are a few tips to go about it:
*Review websites to get informed on organizations and agencies that offer these services or even individuals.
*If possible ask relatives and friends, especially those who have existing projects
*Interview several candidates.
*When it gets to the right time bring in an architect